How to Use the ClickBank Affiliate Program to earn monthly commissions for LIFE

Go to CLICKBANK.COM and SIGNUP as an AFFILIATE - THEN come back here to pick up your Affiliate Link SHOWN BELOW

IF you are NOT a ClickBank Affiliate - Go to and setup an AFFILIATE ACCOUNT - takes 5 min.

THEN, blast out your AFFILIATE LINK everywhere you go on the Net.  When someone purchases the book or becomes a MEMBER - YOU EARN 50% and it could be THOUSANDS of dollars in MONTHLY RESIDUTAL INCOME from thousands of MEMBERS - WE INTEND to be BIGGER than the DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN PARTIES SOMEDAY 


Do this by:

1. Simply copy the Main Sales Page affiliate links below for any product you decide to promote.

2. Make sure to substitute your affiliate ID instead of ‘XXXX’. Your affiliate ID is your Clickbank login ID.

3. Replace the XXXX in the affiliate link with your own Clickbank ID. (see example below)

FOR EXAMPLE: If you wanted to promote our beef sticks and your Clickbank ID (aka username) is:

Grab the affiliate link below for the Book - Autonomous Government

***Replace the XXXX with your Clickbank ID: YOURCLICKBANK-ID.

Your Affiliate Link would then be:

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